Our people, our culture


About the logo artist

Anthony Newcastle

Anthony is an Aboriginal man originally from the Northern Territory, has lived in five states and has worked with Aboriginal groups or communities in regional, urban and remote Australia.

A nationally accredited counsellor with over 500 hours of practice, Anthony holds a Master’s Degree in Narrative Therapy and Community Work. With a strong history in group facilitation, mentoring and community development, Anthony participated in two experiential learning visits to India as part of Community Aid Abroad (Oxfam) information exchange tours.

Previously accredited as a mediator – conflict resolution facilitator with the Attorney Generals Department of Queensland Anthony has worked among disputing parties around Native Title, Department/Community disputes and inter organisational disagreements.

A didgeridoo player, actor, playwright and cross cultural awareness programme facilitator, Anthony has worked with government, the community and corporate sectors to develop and deliver cultural competency training in Queensland and interstate.

Anthony is the lead facilitator at Natjul Indigenous Performing Arts, a company that engage using drama, story-telling and theatre techniques as part of a solution focussed process which encourage voices of the unheard. Natjul continues to work with groups in NSW, South Australia, Queensland and the Northern Territory across issues such as anti-smoking among young people, domestic and family violence resolution in regional and remote communities, lateral violence, motivation and leadership, transition from primary to high school, disaster preparation and response, community engagement around diabetes and child safety.

Alternative Engagement Methods: Anthony has written, produced and toured three stage productions across Queensland and interstate. Additionally, Anthony has written and produced ‘radio plays with a purpose’, one to raise awareness and action around diabetes for the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community and one series as part of a national anti-drug and alcohol campaign.

The WAIMH 2020 Logo

Anthony was commissioned to create an artwork piece for WAIMH 2020 that would be incorporated into the branding and logo. Anthony was provided the context of WAIMH and the Congress theme and as a result created the WAIMH 2020 logo that you see today. The logo is created using traditional Aboriginal dot painting which usually represents a story. The logo is Australian focused and depicts a Mother Kangaroo and a baby joey, using colours of the earth and regeneration. The logo is tilted to the right to emphasise the Joey and create the feeling of the mother Kangaroo nurturing and protecting her Joey.