WAIMH 2021 will be hybrid.

The WAIMH Congress in Brisbane will be a Hybrid Congress in that you will participate in the Congress in one of two ways. If travel allows, you can participate in WAIMH 2021 by attending the Congress live in Brisbane at the Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre.


Koala Competition – the Covid edition!

The WAIMH Koala competition has been re-imagined for WAIMH 2021 with a new COVID edition!

We encourage you to take a picture of yourself with a Koala in your natural habitat. As we are all experiencing more time within our home environments due to the pandemic, we want to see you and your koala in your “new normal” and life in the time of a pandemic.

All you need is a clip on koala, koala toy or even a printed image of a koala and a camera. We encourage you to have fun and be creative.

You will go into the draw to win one of the below;

1st place – Voted by the WAIMH Organising Committee and awarded in June 2021
2nd place – Voted by the WAIMH Organising Committee and awarded in June 2021
3rd place – People’s choice award - Voted by the delegates of WAIMH 2021 during the Congress and awarded at the Congress in June 2021

Prizes will be announced soon.

To enter the competition, follow the below steps;

  1. Find yourself a Koala. It can be either a clip on Koala, Koala plush toy, or even a printed image of a koala.
  2. Photograph yourself and your koala in your “new normal” Covid habitat
  3. Email the photograph along with the below details to Koalacompetition@waimh2021.org
    1. Your name, address, phone number and email address
    2. Name of the location the photo is taken in including country
  4. Post the photo on your social media accounts and hashtag #WAIMH2021Koalacompetition #WAIMH2021

Competition Submission Criteria

  • Submission entry is free
  • Submitter must be registered to attend WAIMH 2021
  • One submission per person
  • Only electronic copies will be accepted (jpeg, png)
  • Your submission can be in either portrait or landscape format

Entries close Friday 14 May 2021 11:59pm AEST.

Good luck!

Please read the terms and conditions for entry into the koala competition here.